Video Integrator Installer

Why Purchase an LCD Monitor from an Integrator? What even is an Integrator?

If you’re planning to purchase a TV and you plan to use the speakers inside the TV, then there is no reason to purchase from a professional installer. Just go ahead and buy your equipment from the place that offers quality TVs at a good price. There are plenty of stores like Best Buy and Costco, or go ahead and purchase from an online store like Amazon, Walmart, or B&H Photo and have it delivered to you. Set it up at your desired location in your room of choice, and you’re done. End of story. Enjoy!

Want A Professional?

However, if you want to setup a theater environment (and, if it’s really fancy, then you can spell it ‘theatre’), you will want to work with a dealer that designs and installs AV (audio and visual) systems. In addition to AV, there are also professional security surveillance dealers/installers who will design and setup a camera system with an HD monitor to keep an eye on your treasures. For your best custom system you will want the best equipment, so consider ToteVision who only produces commercial-grade LCD TVs and monitors. We work with high quality dealers/installers who have installed our equipment in commercial (aka business)  settings to meet their customer’s satisfaction.

What’s An Integrator?

Dealers/installers who specialize in commercial installations (like board rooms, operation centers, and concert halls) are commonly referred to as Integrators. They design and integrate AV equipment into the specified environment for an optimum audio and video experience. They also integrate cameras and video recorders into a solid security system to help with your peace of mind. Integrators also take the time to keep up on new technology which is getting more sophisticated and connected. They use cool equipment for measuring and adjusting audio to enhance the sweet spot, adjusting the video for optimal viewing, and positioning the cameras for an effective security post. There is value in hiring a qualified integrator; it just makes good fiscal sense and you will get a system that meets your needs.

Remember the system is only as good as the weakest link, so don’t skimp on video monitors. You will appreciate the picture quality, and your eyes will thank you. Click here for a list of ToteVision Integrators – select your area and see who is nearby.