We listen when our customers tell us what products they need to achieve their business goals. Then we create those products, often introducing them to the market first. This is why our customers have helped us build our reputation as a solid, responsive industry leader.

What you may not know about ToteVision:

  • We have 100 models to choose from, and if we don’t have what you need, we will work with you until we do.
  • No one is more reliable. Our commercial grade TVs and monitors perform 24/7 with uncompromising quality.
  • We’ve been here since 1981, and we’re not going anywhere. We stay ahead of market needs and deliver high-quality, customizable packages.


ToteVision’s line of LCD color monitors offer the latest in liquid crystal display technology. Our top advantages are:

  • Crystal clarity, even viewing the screen from the side.
  • Energy-efficient with no x-radiation and cooler than CRT monitors.

What we’ve done, and what we do

Over the past 40 years Bill Taraday has taken ToteVision from its initial product line of small black-and-white TVs for time shares to today’s selection of over 100 commercial grade monitors and accessories through accurate market forecasting and continual innovation. Bill was able to apply the analytical and diagnostic skills honed through his dentistry practice to a study of the electronics market and so has been able to offer the right products at the right time. Through the years ToteVision has thrived whether the market demanded VCRs and fax machines or DVD players and flat screens. In fact, in 1985 ToteVision saw a need for a 13” combination TV/VCR and developed it ahead of its competitors, breaking new ground. Aware that a stand-out business needs more than great products and cutting-edge technology, ToteVision has created and maintained strategic partnerships in manufacturing and distribution, and thus is continuously able to offer exceptional products at competitive prices.

In the mid-90s, ToteVision entered the security/surveillance market with a solid monitor and multi-camera package and, over the past 26 years, has built security and surveillance into one of its core industry partners. We also provide customized packages of commercial grade monitors to the Education and Training, Government, Hospitality, Pro AV, Digital Signage and Broadcasting industries.